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Aggressive Criminal Defense at Affordable Low Cost. I defend your legal rights; all aspects of your case: Legal Defense, Investigation, and all Court Appearances.

Finding the right attorney is the most important decision you make about your case. “The best defense is a good lawyer”.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Attorney:

  • Get a criminal defense SPECIALIST: with a good REPUTATION, EXPERIENCE who you can TRUST and WORK with, who is CREATIVE and HARDWORKING and dedicated to your case and at a COST that you can AFFORD! This case is not just any case; it’s your case! Get an attorney who is focused and works for you!
  • STATE DEFENSE – Theft, Embezzlement, DUI, License Suspensions, Narcotics, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, Sex Crimes, Firearms, Probation Violations, Expungements (Record Clearance)
  • FEDERAL DEFENSE – Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud, Government Fraud & Enforcement (Government Contract / Procurement Fraud), Health Care Fraud, Regulatory Matters (Export Controls & Regulations), Banking & Financial & Political Corruption – Corporate Investigations & Compliance, Federal Drug or any Federal Charges.
  • AVIATION ATTORNEY - representing Pilots / Airmen facing FAA Enforcement Actions to the FAA” and “Also representing Aircraft Owners and Flight Schools purchase, ownership, fractional and partnerships, leaseback, rentals, and associated contracts.

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